Protect Your Furniture from Moisture

In some poeple’s home, the furniture are ofthen get bad influence by the humidity. In order to extend the life of furniture, we need to think some ways to protect them. Furniture made from differnt matierla or covered by differnt material need to be cared in different way. I will share you some simple skills to protect your furniture from the moisture.


For the furniture covered by fabric: The long-term moisture will leard the fabric furniture to lose color. Aaprt from that, you will also see yellow spots or mildew on the fabric surface. More, when the fabric is affected with damp, there will be loss of the fabric elasticity, decreasing of fabric stretching intensity, increasing of the fabric size.

Care: the fabric are more easy to be satined with dust. You should usually remove the dust and avoid the mildew in wet weather. If the fabric sofa gets damp, you can use the blower to dry it. for the expensive fabric furniture, you can use the professional vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and then blow it to dry.


For furniture covered by leather : the leather surface of the furniture arew usually chemically treated. if you put the leather furniture get damped for a long time, the leather surface may lose color and become harden. Sometime, it will also become moldy.

Care: You need usally use the soft wet cloth to remove the dust on the leather surface. And then, brush a layer of leather furniture protection oil, which not only has the function of moisture-proof, but also can protect the color of leather furniture. for the moldy on the leather furniture, use the mildew fungicides to remove the mildew and then brush the leather care oil.


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