Coming Soon: Rae’s Texas Family Room Makeover

With Love, From California

My big sister lives in Austin, Texas, where her and her husband recently made the jump from apartment renters to homeowners.  And not just any home.  Steve.

That’s right, her house’s name is Steve.

It’s kind of a tradition in our family that we name important things and/or big ticket purchases.  Cars, fancy handbags, and especially houses.  They all get named out of love.  Fearing my sister would name their house something ridiculous (she named her current car Priscilla and her previous one Francesca), my brother-in-law quickly took to calling their house Steve.  And it stuck.

Steve is a two-story, three-bedroom brand spanking new-build right outside of Austin, Texas.

{Meet Steve}

As you can see, my sister and her husband did a fabulous job picking out colors, building materials, and the overall design aesthetic.  The inside of the house looks just as good, except that it needed just a little…

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