Enlarge Your Living Space

Small houses also can be turn to look large. So if you do not want to live in the small space but also do not want to change to a new apartment, here are some useful and practical tips for you to make your small living space look large.

Firstly, you need to keep your rooms tidy and clean. A clean and tidy room is not just good for physical and mental health, but also can make our rooms look large. So store your unnecessary items in the storage boxes. Racks and cabinets are some of the best ways to put all your unnecessary stuff away. This contributes in making your space look neat and spacious.

Secondly, buy the right size furniture for small apartment. When shop the furniture, it is very necessary to measure your home space. If your room space is small, but the size of the furniture is large, the furniture will make your room look more crowed. So before choosing the furniture, measure the space first and then choose the appropriate size furniture.

One of the most effective ways to improve your indoor lighting is by implementing a monochromatic color scheme to your room. Windows are a great source of light, which can give a room a bright and livelier effect. You can choose the ceiling lights, wall lamps as well as modern style chandeliers that you may use.

Mirrors are also amazing ideas to make your space look large. Use of oversized mirrors is an old trick to help make small rooms look big. Moreover, it suffices as a means of additional lighting due to the reflection of light.

More resources: http://www.melodyhome.com/article/


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