Some Feng Shui Principle of Bedroom Furniture

Have you ever heard of Feng Shui? It is an ancient art of placement of things for harmonious environment. Most people believe these principles in order to welcome health and good luck as well as the good fortune. For good sleep and good rest, when people decorate and arrange bedroom, they will also follow some Feng Shui Principles. Read on to learn some of the bedroom Feng Shui Principle for relaxing and comfortable Dream Bedrooms.

The bed is the most important furniture in bedroom. Here are some points you need to remember when place the bed.

The ideal placement for your bed is diagonally across from the door. This placement gives you some privacy and also ensures you to see anyone entering your bedroom.

Your bed should not be positioned under a window. The elements will prevent a peaceful rest.

Never place your bed directly across from the door. This placement puts you in a sleeping position where your feet point toward the door.

There should be a solid wall behind the headboard. The headboard position is also can’t towards the corridor, staircase and bathroom.

Most people will also use mirror in bedroom. There are placements you want to avoid such as placing a mirror directly across or over a bed. The mirror can’t be towards the bed as well as can’t towards the lucky position of the room. Some practitioners believe that a mirror can also startle the soul when it steps from the body for its nightly astral travels.

Do not work in your bedroom. Place a work desk and electronics in the bedroom is a poor idea for a feng shui optimized bedroom. Work and electronics will have bad effect on your health.

The space of the bedroom is limited. So if the wardrobe is not appropriate placed, it may affect daily life. It is best to place the wardrobe and dresser in a line.


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