Ideas of Recycling Old Rugs

More and more people are seeking ways to help the environment, and finding new uses for old items is a simple way to start. In fact, recycling the old rug is just the right way to help environment. Here are some ideas for you.


A garden or the yard is a perfect place for using old rugs in multiple roles. For example, if you are fond of gardening, regular maintenance is necessary. Cut out pieces of your old rugs as knee pads while working in the garden, no more stains on the knees. You may use them as a temporary form of seating too. Lay them on the walkway to transform them into a pleasant looking path; these will also help keep the paths weed free. You need not worry about their maintenance, as they will gradually deteriorate.

If you have old rugs and sections of carpeting that are no longer good enough for the living room, family room, bathroom, or kitchen, move them to an enclosed porch. They may not be good enough for the rest of the home, but they’ll be good enough for catching moisture and trapping dirt brought in on shoes. They may not look attractive, but they’ll save the floors from dirt, moisture, and grime. They can also be placed beneath newer decorative rugs for extra absorbency.

Cut a Rug for Your Dogs
Your old carpet can enjoy a second life with your pets. Carpet makes a fabulous mat for dogs to lay on. Cats will also love to lay on carpet squares, and the rough texture will allow them to scratch their nails (and hopefully occupy them enough to stay away from your furniture).


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