How to Buy a TV Stand

A TV stand is needed to effectively use up the space in the room, while also doubling up as a storage cabinet. Choosing the right TV stand for your new flat panel plasma or LCD TV can be a daunting task. But here are some tips for you.

Whatever style you choose, be aware of the dimensions of your room and your television. If you have a flat-screen TV, depth won’t be an issue because the TV stand will be deeper than the television. If you have a traditional CRT television, buy an entertainment stand that’s deep enough so the TV won’t hang over the front or back, a mistake that’s both unsightly and hazardous. Small television consoles are ideal if the TV set is the only thing you want to prop up, but if you want to spread out, choose a console TV cabinet. Extra-wide TV consoles provide plenty of display space on which to place ceramic vases, photos of family and friends or a couple of add-on speakers.

A TV stand should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the television set without toppling over. Most entertainment centers come equipped with enough storage cabinets to hold not only the television, but also the cadre of audio/video components, including your collection of music CDs and movie DVDs. A TV stand, on the other hand, may or may not have enough storage space although they can be sturdy and artistic.

Pick the material that you want for the TV stand. The three main types that you are going to find are wood, metal and glass.

Decide on how much storage you need for the TV stand. Some TV stands can hold DVDs, VCRs, gaming systems and more. More simplistic stands will only hold a TV and its main components.


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