How to clean carpet

Nowadays, most of the family use carpet. It is very expensive. So we can not abandon them without using a long time. So there come’s the problem. The carpet is so huge. Unlike cloth, bedding sheet sets and curtain, it can not just put them in washing machine and get it out several minutes later. We step on it every day, there exist lots of bacteria and dirty things. It directly affect the indoor environment and our mood. So how should we clean it?

Melodyhome shows some ways to clean it. You may have a look.

One, use dust cleaner

The fluff of the carpet is easy to absorb dust. Dust cleaner is a good helper for us to solve this problem. At first, we could clean the main area of the carpet by using upright dust cleaner. Then, use handheld vacuum cleaner to clean the places where has lots of dust, under the tea table, wall corner and aside the bed etc.

However, we must have a schedule to clean it if using dust cleaner. Without long time cleaning, it will change color and quality. once mould has been found on it, it is too late to clean it.

Second, use dry cloth or tissue to remove the dirty

The dirty which made by drinks like coffee, cola or juice should be handled immediately. We could use dry cloth and tissue by hand to absorb away the water. And then, wet the cloth or tissue with vinegar slightly and carefully clapping on the dirty places. In this way, dirty could be cleaned.

Third, warm water plus vinegar

It can remove peculiar smell by using warm water plus vinegar. The specific way is to put 4L water and 4cups vinegar in a salver and mix them up, then wet the cloth and wring it, then wipe the carpet. Vinegar not only can remove the peculiar smell, but also can prevent the carpet from changing or fading color. When finished wiping, we could put carpet in ventilated places to let them dry. At the same time, we could remove the peculiar smell because of long time using by this way.

These are ways of carpet cleaning. It is quite easy. You could have a try on your carpet. If you are interested in it, you could learn more on


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