The Principles For Placing Secretaire

The furniturereplacement is an art. In china, there are feng shui saying. In aboard, it has relationships with religion. Most of the chinese hold the concept that we would rather believe its existing, rather than get rid of it. When home decorating, there are some principles on placing furniture. It is the result of culture deposit in thousands of years. It has some scientific sense.therefore, Melodyhome asked the famous designer, Arvin, to tell you the principles of placing secretaire.


Principle one, can not put it under the beam. In feng shui, if you doing this, you may have headache and anxious. It seems nonsense, but it has some scientific reason. In ancient, the beam which protrudes down would give people a feeling that the head is hung under the sharp sword. If you put secretaire there, it is unavoidable to think of the safety. Though the beam is not protruded so obviously in modern building, the suspended ceiling narrows the space sight. If you put secretaire there, it is unharmonious. So Arvin suggested that the suspended ceiling should hang a little bit higher and the study room decorating should observe the wide and bright principle.

Principle two, do not back the window. It is easy to form the “back the water and face the mountain”. It is not right to back the window. It sheltered the nature resources coming in. What’s more, it is harmful to our eyes under such dark light. Arvin said that he designed lots of works which the room space was very narrow and window is small, even the secretaire do not have space to put near the window. In these cases, you have to get some ideas on light resource.

Principle three, do not near the door. The reason in feng shui is that it is the main panel for bad luck and foul smell coming in. it seems does not make sense. However, if the secretaire near the door and the effect of sound insulation is not good, the noises outside the door will affect the people who are studying.

Principle four, do not near the bathroom and kitchen. There, l will not talk about what feng shui says, because it does not make sense. L explain it in another way. The bathroom is too moisture and kitchen has too much oil smell, it will affect the study mood. Study room should be quiet and have a good atmosphere so that we can concentrate on studying. You can read other furniture taboos and principles on


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