Bedroom Background Wall Decoration

Bedroom background wall decoration can be various for different decoration styles. You can decorate it as you like. It can be common, personal or practical. Here we will recommend you several background wall decorations for dream bedrooms.

Bedroom is somewhere for rest. So I think some bright colors such as red, light green and fluorescent yellow are not suitable for background decorations. On the contrary, some dull colors are good for our sleep.


This bedroom is combined by several wooden boxes. It can be used as bookcase, bedside cabinet or bedstead. It’s both beautiful and practical. The drawing picture hanging on the wall is also attractive. This decoration looks simple but decorative.


It’s a modern industrial style bedroom. The background wall is in a primitive state without points brush. So an abstract painting is picked to reduce the monotony. Nevertheless, if you want to decorate in this industrial style, you must design really carefully because it’s hard to hold on. Or else you will break the whole decoration of the bedroom.


The bedroom is also decorated as industrial design. The pipe book shelf helps the room create a industrial style. Someone who likes plural style can find it’s absolutely an inspiration source. The head of the bed design pay more attention on the practical usage. The middle part and the top cabinet are both great place to storage objects.


Actually, this ethnic bedroom decoration does not need so many ideas. But the decorative effect is really great. I think it’s popular by many people. There is no doubt that the clothes on the wall attract our eyes most. Ethnic pillow and quilt are also the highlights in the bedroom.


The symmetrical paintings and wall light hanging on the head of the bed gives us a comfortable visual enjoyment. The quilts and wall are in the similar color, the cute fresh green.

What’s your favorite background wall decoration among these ones? Yours can also be beautiful if you take some time to decorate it. A little change can help you to create your dream bedrooms. Why not pay them with the actual action?


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