8 Tips about the Placement of the Bed

Bed is the most significant furniture in the bedroom. No matter how small space is, the bed cannot be omitted. It’s also the forefront for a good sleep. However, there are kinds of ways for bed placement.

  1. Decorations on the edge of the bed

If we treat the bed as a warm land, there is no doubt that plain and mountain surrounded the land will make the area more complete. A high floor lamp or green plant on the side of the bed seems much great. Meanwhile, transforming the bedside into the peristele breaks the rule of practicability and adds some novelty.


  1. The light scattering

When people are lying on the bed, they can’t help looking around. So the light is extremely important. The light downwords on the head of the bed is for reading and the surroundings give us a feeling of radiate brilliant light.


  1. Platform foil

Building a platform in the dream bedroom will make the space clean and wide. In addition, it’s definitely noble if you sleep on the bed on platform. Particularly the platform is made by the rosewood.


  1. Illusory on the head of the bed

Reserve about 20-40 cm on the bedside and place a big board for lamps to create illusory space. It will make the bedside full of mysterious charm.


  1. Expansion on the end of the bed

Wall is on the side of the bed. You’d better not place too many or too high furniture there. Or else it will give us a bad visual effect. If the furniture on the opposite of the bed owns a huge mirror, it can not only reflect the scene of the bedside but also expand the space. By the way, the mirror is not definitely right over against the bed for the fengshui originate from China. In addition, a big landscape also widens our horizon on the end of the bed. A tiny carpet on the floor of the footboard seems fabulous.


  1. Buildup of the head of the bed

Generally the height of the bedside is lack of vigor for the construction of the normal bed. So the wall behind the bed needs to be decorated particularly by panel or decorative fabric. Moreover, bed valance made by the textile fabric looks like the headwear of people, making the warm and sweet.


  1. Subordination of curtains

As everything in bedroom centers on the bed, other adornments subordinate certainly such as curtains. If it’s too big, colorful or luxurious, there will be two centers. So the home curtain should be implicit like a servant standing aside the bed no matter in color, pattern or material.


  1. Landscaping on the head of the bed

Someone likes to make landscaping on the wall behind the bed t create a clear feeling such as a round window or moon door. Of course, it’s just the shape like, not the real one.